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Mr. Wolterstorff


Mr. Terry



ThunderRidge High School


1991 Wildcat Reserve Parkway

Highlands Ranch, CO 80130

We meet every Thursday before school at 7:15 am, and after school until 3:15 pm

(if we plan on meeting earlier or later, we will notify you via the Tri-M Remind and the Message Board)

This year, in addition to these events, we are also helping to set up a junior TRI-M chapter at RVMS, and are working with our feeder elementary school programs to set up music tutoring.

September 12th, 7:00-8:30pm, TRHS Auditorium

10 points (5 additional points for food)  


In our Induction ceremony, we give all attending members their certificate of membership, or their certificate of continuation in good standing, and we also have food and desserts. We would appreciate it if you wore semi-formal attire, but it is a pretty casual ceremony.

Attendance for senior members is not required. However, we strongly encourage all new members to go if they can make it (and we would like all sophomores to attend). 

The first chapter meeting will be the Thursday after Induction; we'll go over main events for the year and the point system. 

October 29th 5:00-9:00pm, TRHS

20 points

(10 additional points for two bags of candy)

Every year, our TRI-M chapter participates in Trick-Or-Treat Street. Our theme is Disney, and we dress up in costumes, hand out candy, and sing and play Disney music. We also make Disney-themed decorations, and try to have band and orchestra quartets present to play songs for the kids. We also have our choir members sing Disney songs.

(more information is on our Remind)

December 7th, 8:30-11:00am, TBE

25 points

This year, we attended Trailblazer Elementary's Breakfast With Santa event, and walked around the breakfast and caroled. We mainly sang "Angels We Have Heard On High," "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer," "Joy to the World," and took other song requests from teachers and kids (we also got to talk to Santa). We enjoyed caroling there and hopefully will be asked back next year! 

(more information is on our Remind)


December 14th 3:00-4:00pm, Brookdale Senior Living Community

15 points

We put on a holiday concert for the senior citizens at Brookdale this year- we had small groups from the band come and play holiday music. Then, we had the choir come sing some holiday songs, and our last group was our orchestra. We had a larger group and a smaller quartet, and they played Mozart pieces for the seniors. The seniors and staff enjoyed the concert, and hopefully we can return next year! The link to the program guide (with songs and members who performed) is h e r e

 (more information is on our Remind)

                  December 19th 7:00-9:00pm

                                   20 points

        (5 additional points for bringing a dessert)

We go caroling on the last day of finals, in a 

neighborhood of one of the officers. This year,

we sang "Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer,"

"Silent Night," "Rockin' Around the Christmas

Tree," "Holly Jolly Christmas," "Frosty the

Snowman," and "Here Comes Santa Claus" for

members of the community. We meet at the officer's house after we carol, and we provide hot chocolate and desserts for all

 participating TRI-M members.

(more information on our Remind)

This year, for the Spring Semester, we are holding multiple events for members, as a way to earn points and community service hours. 

One of the first things we will be participating in this semester is the RVMS Junior TRI-M Induction. Our feeder middle school is having their first TRI-M Induction ceremony in December, and our TRI-M chapter will be there to help support them and get their chapter started.

Date and more information to come.

We are also starting Music Tutoring with the local elementary schools- we will have members from band and orchestra (and hopefully choir soon) go to practices for the elementary school students, and help and inspire them to improve and continue playing music. We will likely have opportunities to tutor twice a month, starting in February.

Dates and more information to come.

We also will be selling refreshments before our winter and spring band, orchestra, and choir concerts (we also did this last year). This provides an opportunity for members to earn points and volunteer hours.

Dates and more information to come.

February 13th, all day at TRHS

80 points (full day)

(we offer shifts, an hour of singing valentines is worth 10 points)

Each year, TRI-M puts on Singing Valentines for the school, where we have choir groups go around and sing songs ("L-O-V-E," "I'm Yours," "Can't Help Falling In Love," and "Can You Feel the Love Tonight"). We also have our sexy sax group, which plays "Careless Whisper." This year, in addition to these groups, we will have a low brass quartet playing "Hooked On A Feeling" and a string quartet playing "My Heart Will Go On." It is an all day event, although we excuse members for classes and lunch. It's our most popular event, and we sell tickets at lunch for two weeks before. Members can sell tickets at lunches for 10 points per lunch, and everyone is encouraged to join a singing or instrumental group for singing valentines- it's our most popular event, and is a lot of fun!

(more information is on our Remind)

May (final date TBD), 6:00-7:00pm, Redstone Park

15 points

Each year, TRI-M has an end-of-year party where members come, have pizza, hang out and talk about the year, and it's where the new officers are elected. Seniors do not attend (they've graduated already) and aspiring sophomores and juniors try out to become the new officers. The Vice President becomes President and runs the end of year party, and all other officer spots (Vice President, Secretary, Band Representative, Orchestra Representative, and Choir Representative) are open to all TRI-M members to try out for. People trying out must have a speech prepared (nothing long, just why they would be a good fit for the position). At the end, everyone votes on their favorite candidate, and the people with the most votes become the new officers for the next year.

(more information is on our Remind)

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